Sea Fever – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Out Now)

The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack for the film Sea Fever that Christoffer scored last year is now out everywhere. The film premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival last september, and was picked up for distribution. The film is also now available to buy / rent on VOD.

The film was directed by Neasa Hardiman.

” Working with Neasa on Sea Fever was a very collaborative experience that stretched out for a long period of time as the film was in editing. Early on she told me about her vision of having music that almost sounded like it was a part of the boat where the people are stranded. From our conversations I wanted to create something atmospheric and textural, while still having it feel organic. I recorded my piano playing very low notes in a specific key, and then I took those recordings and processed / looped them through tape-saturation so that we got this evolving and moving texture in a specific key, without the attack of the piano. Another thing I did was that I took cello recordings and pitched them down and did all kinds of processing so that they sounded nothing like cellos, but rather this low menacing soundscapes. This technique became sort of a foundation of the score, using organic sounds and instruments to create something else.

The main sound / theme for the creature was a brass-section of trombones that I pitch-shifted, reversed and distorted so that it felt really primal and aggressive. In stark contrast to this, our main protagonist Siobhán´s theme is a very simple piano sequence that sounds very clear, alluding to her being a scientist and a very rational person.

There is another danger motif that can be heard in a couple of instances in the film, where a female voice ebbs and swells in and out of the music, being almost dissonant but not quite. That was the beautiful voice of a Berlin based singer called Adna, which I then took and mangled / processed to create that eerie effect. “

Listen to the score for Sea Fever on Spotify.