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Lights & Motion The Vampie Diaries
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If you have been watching TV these past couple of weeks, then theres is a big chance that you might have heard several songs from the latest Lights & Motion album Dear Avalanche (Spotify) appearing on the popular television series The Vampire Diaries“This Explosion Within”, the opening track from the new album, appeared on the 14th episode (It´s Been a Hell Of a Ride) in the shows 8th and final season. The next episode, (We´re Planning a June Wedding), saw both songs “Silver Lining” “Perfect Symmetry” being prominently featured in one of the shows more emotional hours of television.

This isn’t the first time songs from Lights & Motion have been used in the series; Both “Glow” and “Fireflies” from the bands third album Chronicle have appeared in earlier seasons of The Vampire Diaries.


“S  i  l  v  e  r      L  i  n  i  n  g” 

“P  e  r  f  e  c  t      S  y  m  m  e  t  r  y”


“T  h  i  s      E  x  p  l  o  s  i  o  n      W  i  t  h  i  n”